Monday, October 13, 2014

Wright Brothers - Tim Wright - Not the Destsination

Published in 2013 - Not the Destination - A spiritual, musical journey in the Wright Brothers Band.
Written by Tim Wright, encompasses the life and times of the Wright Brothers Band, a strictly Indiana product.

Also for the 60's Indiana Band Szene fans, stories of the "Suns of Summer", "Knightsmen", "Fourmost", and the "Quintones".

It's a good read, and most of us will relate to the Stable Inn, and the story of a band that played mostly in bars, but didn't drink!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

December's Children - Muncie

Muncie was quite a little band mecca in the 60's. With Ball State university and a number of clubs to play, many bands flourished . Thus we welcome December's Children.

Band members included:
Greg Hood  - organ
Steve Justin - guitar
Lance Paulson - bass /sax
Jim Parrott - drums
J Michael Henderson - guitar

I know that Greg was involved with the "Jades" and JM Henderson was in many bands including the British Walkers and has a great solo career, not to mention he performed at a couple of the WNAP Raft Races that we attended in our long forgotten youth.

As research goes, I found this little teaser about a 45 from the band, playing on a "Tally" jukebox. of course my first instinct says "I must have this". fast forward a couple of years later, and the 45 arrives in my mailbox. So let's hear this long lost nugget.

Keep on Runnin'

99 and a Half

Both are covers (or remakes) of the popular tunes of the day, but they both stand up pretty well today.

May thanks for course to the band that did the work, and J Michael for the band pic, and to all my readers who keep me going!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Impacts - Anderson - 1965

Summer....the best time of the year. Summer is winding down here in south central Indiana. The Impacts, hailing from Anderson penned and performed a nice summer ditty "Summer (the best time of the year)" with a decided Beach Boys flavor. Bonus points for including the Westlake Beach and Dance club, and although they miscalled the US Nationals as the Summer-nationals, they worked that in also. 
Flip the 45 over to the a-side and we have "Lindae". perhaps a label misspelling, but it continues the evident Beach Boys influence with a nice ballad. Both songs are credited to Duane Henry, so they are undoubtedly originals.    
The known members (left to right):
Ron Drew - bass
Duane Henry - guitar 
? - drums
David Wiese - guitar

The Impacts are known to have an earlier (1964) 45 on the same Anderson label, but I've haven't seen a copy yet. I'm told it's more surf based, like that's bad! 

Wonderful little recording from the Impacts, glad I have it, and look forward to learning more about the boys!                                                                      

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Clean Machine - Kokomo - 1967 State Fair Winners!

The Indiana State Fair starts tomorrow, so when better to use it to introduce more Indiana bands. The Clean Machine took top honors amid competition with nearly 200 groups. Previously known as the Royal Blues (featured here):
Don Douglas - sax
Tony Artis - trumpet

Jim Roepstorff - drum
Mark Hilton - organ
Frank Watters - vocals
Rick Sutton - lead guitar
Steve Turner - bass

This is as far as I can go, now it's time for the 60's Indiana Band Szene team to assemble and fill in the blanks!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Group Inc. - Gary - 1966

Sometimes you are motivated by sad news. One of my local record collecting acquaintances showed up in the obituaries today. And truthfully, this blog would not exist if Brian Marshall (and his co-host Todd Lucas) didn't do one first for me to emulate. So in tribute, I'll re-post his blog post of this 45 (from Aug. 2005).

"This particular item comes from Gary, the same place by the lake that gave us a certain group of Jacksons. (We won't go any further than that.) It comes from Staff Records, the same label that also gave us that rarer-than-your-grandma's-dentures Back From the Grave 2-sider from The Aztex' "I Said Move" and "The Little Streets In This Town." Lastly, this is two sides of crude teen angst just for you.

Take a listen to "Just Call Me Up" and you'd think the kids had barely had enough time to rehearse the thing before they recorded it. There's a point before the guitar break where it's obvious that they're stumbling to stay on track. They do manage, but just barely. I'm not saying it's completely inept or anything, just not tight, that's all. Despite all that, though, it's actually a pretty darned good teen punk mover.

"Like A Woman" is even better. Here we have a strong example of girlfriend putdown in which the crude guitar playing only enhances it. And you get three guitar breaks for the price of one. Since this is the A-side, it sounds like the kids decided to use whatever minimal instrumental prowess they had and just go all out. That they did, and the result is a teen punk classic good enough for "Garage Punk Unknowns" or maybe a future "Teen Blast" comp. What I'm saying is, if "Like A Woman" isn't comped, it should be. (It may be, but I don't have the time to follow those things, so if you feel like filling me in, please do.)

Should we rack this one up as a fave? Yes, I think we should. And I'm keeping it. So there!"

OK, so I have the Freeport early '66 re-issue of the Staff 45, but at least I have that. So if you would, wind up the turntable, put your favorite 45 on and tip up a glass of the beverage of your choice for  Brian, may he rest in peace!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Phase II Productions - Laporte - not the Endd!!!!!!

Moving up north to LaPorte, Indiana, we find a terrific 45 with a speculated origin. Turns out I was mostly wrong, but with a smidgen of correct! Phase II Productions was not a later incarnation of the Endd, but rather a band with Russ Sanders involved in the production / recording of the 45. And it was Russ' label to be sure. 
Introducing Phase II Productions:
 Jim Tallerico - 
Carl Szawica - Drums
Tom Kowalski - Bass

Sadly Carl passed away June 1st of this year (2014), and the whereabouts of Jim and Tom are suspect. Too bad, as they should be recognized for this effort. 

Recorded at the Chess/Checker studios in Chicago, Dave Purple of the "Cryan Shames" was producer with Russ Sanders interning on the boards. Russ had a recording studio in the basement of his home, but this effort was unusual in that both sides were recorded in another studio and released on the Seascape label. 

Now we need to firm up the #506 seascape label release (if there is one).

Thanks to Roger, Rory, and the rest of the LaPorte team for the info and inspiration!


Friday, May 30, 2014

Sir Winston and the Commons

Don't fear that we are out of gas yet, o' 60's Indiana band szene friends! Like many, many of you, I work for a living, and sometimes I work more than I play.

But the mailbox sometimes brings treasures and that treasure will be shared!

Behold a tape of the last Sir Winston & the Commons recording sessions. The date is correct - June, 1969. Any interest in hearing the contents?

At this point "Sir Winston" was a three piece band, featuring:

Ron Matelic
Herb Crawford
John Medvescek

It's not the fuzz fest of "We're Gonna Love" but it has a certain charm.........